Welcome to Natural Flow! Born from the wish to have a creative outlet for all forms of art and based here in this small corner of the internet. Natural Flow is a platform to display creativity, be it painting, sketching, photography, media/video, graphics, poetry, prose etc. If we can see it on the screen or in a zine, we want it. Termly, our team will set a theme and we want to see your interpretations of this theme (but we will still take general submissions of art as well!). We will set a deadline and once it’s reached, we will begin designing the zine for that term, constructed from our favourite submissions.  

How It Works

  • Become a member of the society at our Student Union page and get the termly zines for free!
  • Send your submissions to our email.  
  • Your work will appear here and maybe even in the zine.
  • Could it be any easier?

We are frequently working on the website, so if this layout changes in the near future, don’t worry! We will always ensure people can submit to us no matter what.

Here we have laid out some guidelines to make the submission process easy and efficient, so we get to see your work faster!

Get Creative. We are not going to limit you on what you can create. If It is in a format viable for the website, then we want to see it. Be it photos, poetry, prose, graphics, scanned paintings, videos/media, we’ll take it! So get thinking about what you want to create. If your work was created for the terms theme, please specify this in the email, otherwise, it will be considered as a general website submission

Format it. So, you had a sit-down or a deep spiritual walk around and got some ideas. Brilliant! Send your submissions to the email seen below. If it is written work, send it as a Word document, PDF or Google Doc. For images, you can send them just attached to the email. If this is not possible, send them as a Google Drive folder or Dropbox link. Try and send us the highest quality image you can. If the image is pixelated or distorted, we may ask that you send it again or use another submission.

Your mark. When submitting your work, please refrain from writing your name, identifier or pseudonym/alias on the work. If you would like us to tag your name or identifier at the bottom of the submission, please request this and provide us with your name, identifier or alias in the email. If no such request is made we shall upload the submission as anonymous.

Sent the email? Good! Now it’s just a case of waiting for a bit. As we are a new society, we ourselves are still working everything out, so please bare with us if things are a little slow to begin with. We also want to make sure we take our time to see all your works and reply to every email, so if you don’t hear back from us for a day or two, please do not worry, we won’t have forgotten your submission. We scan through our submission emails daily and will try and get all the great submissions up on the site ASAP.

The Result. Once we have received your submission, you will likely see it here on the site within a few days.

The Zine. Whilst the current COVID-19 situation has made the process of getting Natural Flow started a bit longer, we are keen to produce a zine by the end of the term. So get submitting people! If your work does not make it into this terms zine, don’t be discouraged from submitting anyway, as you will likely get your work up on the website and we always love to see it!


Natural Flow is a brilliant way to keep your creativity flowing throughout your university career and will look good on your portfolios so it’s a win-win for you and us!

With love from the Natural Flow Team xx