‘Positives and Negatives’

In March 2021, Natural Flow came into conversation with the AHSS Heart Community Team. We were excited to learn about a prospective competition they wanted to run. The goal? To encourage students to submit art and creative projects that reflected their positive and negative experiences through the turbulence of the COVID-19 pandemic that, as of March 23rd, celebrated its 1 year birthday of shutting down ARU. Considering that our theme of the term was ‘Positives and Negatives’, a collaboration just had to happen! So here we are! With a dash of light competition and a lot of creative energy, here we show the winners and submissions of the Natural Flow x AHSS Heart Community Team ‘Positives and Negatives’ competition. Enjoy xx

Last Kiss‘ – a song by Lee Morris

This was our 1st place winner in the competition. The song was written in memory of the artist’s best friend and nana, capturing a point between the artist’s positive and negative thoughts. Developed further through the pandemic period, the artist sheds a positive commemorative light through the darker times.

‘The Wandering Soul Who Loves Art’ – Francesca Barosi 

Our 2nd place winner. Francesca’s concept for this piece developed during lockdown after stimulation to observe and understand her inner being, using this performance to represent a sense of growth and maturity of a human. Through the dance, the artist endeavoured to represent the many emotions and points of view humanity experienced during the lockdown.
The video can also be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CGpqgLX6ZY .

Changes & Growth in Lockdown‘ – Shuanglu Yang

Here is one of our joint 3rd submissions. Shuanglu saw the positives and negatives of observational sketching during this time. The once rife crowds of people to sketch were now gone and the shops all closed, making it particularly lonely. However, this came with the positive of being able to switch the subject and observe those aspects of life not normally noticed.

Natural Flow – of the Otter’ – Jack Rutherford 

This is our second joint 3rd submission. Jack uses this short film to explore the ‘natural flow’ of the Otter.

 ‘The Spring is Coming’ – a song by Jingmin Wu

This song, composed by Jingmin Wu, reflects on the past year and looks forward to the light at the end of the tunnel as we approach the spring of 2021.

untitled – Luke James

Here, Luke explores the anxiety and angers related to the lockdown period and the turbulent events that have occurred over the past 12 months.

‘Colourful Feelings’ – Soraya Caraca

These two portraits from Soraya depict the happy and angry emotions the pandemic has caused and the colours that shine through when such emotions are experienced.

‘Conscious Crystal, 2020’ – Sarah Stachan 

These haunting yet beautiful crystal formations are created through the deposition of calcium carbonate (chalk) on glass. Whilst normally invisible, the sun etches these ancient materials onto a printing plate. From this, we can draw a positive feeling of a deeper connection to geologic time and material memories, an opportunity to explore new forms of inspiration. One negative explored by the artist is the limitation of the beauty in its current form, due to reduced access to specialist facilities as a result of the pandemic.

untitled – Simona Racheva

This piece is an experimental one, using the cyanotype technique to produce some beautiful blue colours and abstract imagery.